We need to talk about COVID-19

Here are 5 key things everyone needs to know

Number One

COVID-19 has not gone away

It may not be getting the media coverage or government briefings, but COVID-19 is still infecting and reinfecting people every single week.
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Number two

The virus spreads in the air

It spreads like smoke when we breathe, and it takes just seconds to breathe in enough to get infected.
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Number three

All infections can cause serious problems

From breathing difficulties, fatigue, and headaches to cardiac damage, immune dysfunction and neurological difficulties, all infections can leave complications in their wake.
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Number four

Everyone is vulnerable

Even young and healthy people. It's not just old and immunocompromised people that need to avoid infection. We all do.
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Number FIVE

We can reduce our risk

We can take action to protect ourselves and those we love. Vaccines PLUS ventilation, filtration and using high quality masks can reduce the risk of infection.
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